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Welcome to posterpsd. A place where you can find both PSDs and Photoshop actions.

You do not have to like the post if you take the file or whatever. We do not need credit if you use it, we just want you to enjoy it.

* Yes to requests.
* we will color an image you like.
* No to recreations.
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psd 117 downloadno vibrancy used

psd 117 download
no vibrancy used

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PSD 116 downloadNo vibrancy used

PSD 116 download
No vibrancy used

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PSD 115 downloadno vibrancy

PSD 115 download
no vibrancy

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Anonymous asked: Can you create curves? Much appreciated. love your photoshop actions!

Thank you so much for the kinds words.
The older PSDs have curves, I just like to try different things every once in a while and I recently started avoiding them.
Or did you mean just the curves in a file? Because I am sorry, but I have no idea how to do that(just yet, I am learning more and more every day).

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PSD 114 downloadNo vibrancy used

PSD 114 download
No vibrancy used

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PSD 113 downloadNo vibrancy used

PSD 113 download
No vibrancy used

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PSD 112 downloadNo vibrancy used

PSD 112 download
No vibrancy used

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Anonymous asked: Hi! I am trying to learn about actioons/PSDs. So I downloaded one of yours and it's not working right for me. You're supposed to drag the PSD file onto the photo you want to use it for, right? I do that, and along with changing stuff around it also shows the original photo (the grass one) faintly on the photo I am working on. What do I do?

If you still see the original photo, there is probably a layer in the map that is the original photo on softlight or something. Delete this layer and replace it with a copy of your photo on the same blendmode and it should work just fine.
Let us know if you still have any problems.

posted: 09/16/12 · · reblog
Anonymous asked: that was helpful thank you :) is there a way to make a psd into an action like if I want to make the same edits for other pictures but with MY edit if you know what I mean. like I edit a picture and then save it as an action?

Yes! You can make your own Actions and I believe it is actually not even that hard. I do believe you do have to make all the layers yourself in an action, but you can easily just look at the PSD to see all the settings the PSD used and duplicate that in your action.
There are so many tutorials online on how to make your own action, they are so much better at explaining everything.