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Welcome to posterpsd. A place where you can find both PSDs and Photoshop actions.

You do not have to like the post if you take the file or whatever. We do not need credit if you use it, we just want you to enjoy it.

* Yes to requests.
* we will color an image you like.
* No to recreations.
No idea when your reqeust is made, we are busy being lampshades in our spare time

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psd 117 downloadno vibrancy used

psd 117 download
no vibrancy used

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PSD 116 downloadNo vibrancy used

PSD 116 download
No vibrancy used

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PSD 115 downloadno vibrancy

PSD 115 download
no vibrancy

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PSD 114 downloadNo vibrancy used

PSD 114 download
No vibrancy used

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PSD 113 downloadNo vibrancy used

PSD 113 download
No vibrancy used

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PSD 112 downloadNo vibrancy used

PSD 112 download
No vibrancy used

posted: 09/16/12 ·40 ♥ · reblog

As requested by 03010820 I hereby turned all the actions that N. made into PSDs. You can choose to download the .rar file, which has all the actions separate, or one big PSD file with all the actions applied to it.

Please note that some files do need your original photo to be somewhere in the PSD file. The name of the layer tells your the action you need to perform on it.

Download; as a .psd or as a .rar

posted: 06/9/12 ·27 ♥ · reblog
PSD 111 downloadNo Vibrancy used
PSD 111 download
No Vibrancy used

posted: 06/8/12 ·16 ♥ · reblog
PSD 110 downloadNo Vibrancy used
PSD 110 download
No Vibrancy used

posted: 06/7/12 ·22 ♥ · reblog
PSD 109 downloadNo Vibrancy used
PSD 109 download
No Vibrancy used